Astro Foil Reflective Insulation

Astro-Shield Reflective Insulation

The versatility of Astro-Shield Reflective Insulation allows it to be used as the primary insulation in every type of building and in all climates. One such use is in commercial structures; post-frame and pre-engineered metal buildings used for light industrial, warehousing, and animal and poultry confinement all benefit from Astro-Shield’s excellent thermal properties. In addition, when it’s exposed to the inside of a building, Astro-Shield allows for better light with fewer fixtures, which is why you’ll find it used extensively by manufacturers of recreations vehicles, conversion vans and stand-alone products like auto and aircraft window sunshields.

Astro-Shield Reflective Insulation is truly a special insulating material and an asset in hot summer temperatures, reflecting up to 97% of the radiant heat rays that strike its surface. Combine this unique ability to keep the effects of the hot sun from penetrating buildings with Astro-Shield’s impermeability to moisture and wind infiltration and you have the perfect solution to insulation problems in a wide array of application.

Consisting of two layers of polyethylene bubble film, it’s sandwiched between 2 layers of 99.9% pure aluminum foil bonded together with 5 layers of polyethylene film… a 9-layer structure that’s measures just 5/16ths inch thick.

You can take advantage of the benefits this great product provides by calling K.M. Facility Services today. We can pin-weld Astro-Shield over old, dry-rotted insulation, sealing in the insulation fibers and preventing it from being blown through the duct work into the air stream, allowing for fresher, healthier air.

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