Our mission, as a commercial cleaning and maintenance company, is to ensure that we provide our clients with the highest quality of product at a reasonable price and are committed in delivering the best service possible in a consistently proficient manner. Read more

Facility Maintenance Services

"Stay Green, Save Energy!"

More than 18 years of experience in the facility maintenance field combined with meticulous attention to detail and going the extra mile has made us the industry leader in Arizona. We currently have contracts with 9 hospitals, the Phoenix Fire Department and Maricopa County, to name just a few satisfied customers.

Some of the services we provide are HVAC/cooler/cooling tower cleaning, maintenance and restoration; duct cleaning; pressure washing; soda blasting; high structure, window, roof, gutter, warehouse and confined space cleaning; fire/smoke damper linkage work and landscaping. If you have any other task, just ask!

We also distribute Pancrete, Cooler Guard, Pan Guard, Algae Guard, and all other fine HVAC and cooler restoration and maintenance products from CRT, inc.

Stay Green, Save Energy

Stay Green Save Energy

Going Green: Saving resources and saving you money!

In 2008, Controlled Release Technologies embarked on a massive research program to reformulate their entire product line to conform with today’s Green standards.

The effort continues to be time-consuming, but two of their many products that are independently-certified as green as of this writing. These products are PanGuard® and First Strike MicroCoat®.

KM Facility Services of AZ Keeps Your Cooling Tower Running

Cooling tower cleaning is something that most business owners appear to overlook as part of regular HVAC maintenance. Because of the risks involved in neglecting your HVAC cooler tower needs such as overflow, degradation, corrosion or breakdown, we make it our business to keep your HVAC up and running at optimal levels. KM Facility Services of AZ keeps your cooling tower running at optimal levels and maintained throughout the year, avoiding a crisis and costly repair bills!

We Offer Licensed Coil Cleaning for your HVAC!

When is the last time your facility had its HVAC coils cleaned? Coil cleaning is an imperative service that allows your HVAC to appreciate an extended life, keeps the indoor air quality clean and fresh, and saves on energy costs. Also, KM Facility Services of AZ offers licensed coil cleaning for your HVAC! We do this so that you won’t experience expensive breakdowns and maintenance costs that often come with neglected coil cleanings.

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